"I am who I am. That is that "

Hello! We Lena and Katya are the founders of the brand I AM WHO I AM. We create stylish and comfortable clothes for Kundalini yoga.

The idea of ​​the brand did not appear by chance, like everything in this world. For the last 5 years we have been studying and practicing in the field of psychology, coaching and, also, kundalini yoga. All these tools help to cope with stresses, internal crises, to be in balance, to be healthy and happy people.

Inner beauty and harmony are exactly what we and our environment strive for.

Many factors contribute to positive transformations, and one of them is the external environment! It is much easier to notice the beautiful in a flowering garden than in a landfill. And the proven fact is that not only emotion leads to a reaction at the physical level, but also vice versa. As in that experiment, a good mood leads to a smile, and also, if you smile for 5 minutes, then your mood changes for the better, but what's there, even the composition of the blood changes.

We want a person to be surrounded by beauty, to make it easier to see and feel it inside us!

And we have created a source of such beauty and inspiration - a brand of yoga clothes I AM WHO I AM. We are sure that the right clothes give inspiration, is an additional impetus for development in practice, helping to reach a new level of control of your body, energy and consciousness.

Kundalini yoga is a way to curb your mind, see your masks, find yourself, your essence and gain confidence. "I am! I am who I am! It is so! ”- a powerful mantra, our motto, brand philosophy.

We are one with the world. And at the same time, we are all unique. In our clothes, we reflect the versatility of man - a bright soul and the inconsistency of the Ego - all that makes us ourselves.

I AM WHO I AM is a vibrant, genuine, conscious brand. As a child, he grows and develops with us. In each model - we are different, different feelings, emotions and special, unique beauty.

The brand's mission is to give confidence and courage to everyone to be themselves. As he really is.

I am who I am. This is true!

Real, free, light, strong and full of energy. Here and now.

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